Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring is trying to kill me

This year, the allergies are more fun than ever!

Claritin (last year's wonder drug) wasn't working, so I switched to Zertec - at the urging of Jennifer, who suffers similarly. Zertec kind of works, but in the same way as Claritin, but I am up half the night with a seriously stuffy nose - the kind that doesn't let you breathe. I went to the pharmacist yesterday and he told me to take a Sudafed decongestent, also, so now I'm on that. The thing is, nothing lasts for 24 hours. Hell, I'd settle for a good 12 hours.

The bedroom is littered with tissues. The bed is littered with tissues. "Gross," proclaims Joan (nurse). Yeah, well walk a mile in my snotty shoes.

When will it end!?

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