Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Visitors from N'awlins

Last night, our two house guests from New Orleans arrived, a woman and her 8th grade daughter, who are relocating to our fair city (even if Money magazine snubbed us this year out of the top 100 places to live).

It's always a huge relief (and I'm not overstating it) when people check in and there is an instant rapport.

The mom is totally cool and down to earth - wearing flip flops, which was the first sign. Gave me a hug right off the bat, which was the second sign. Walter was sticking her head through the cat door and grinning, and both mom and daughter asked if she could come out, which was the third sign. And then, all the animals - including the cats - came out and were generously and lovingly petted -- ok! You can stay!

They are renting both upstairs rooms for a month while they search for their new neighborhood.

David checks out today, but he has found a house to rent, and Nora checked out on Saturday, and into her new house she bought. They became friends, and will remain friends, so another chapter of the Dekum Street Guest House comes to a close, and another one opens.

Good tidings, friends!

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