Friday, August 31, 2007

Dog pen: fini

Yesterday we (and by we I mean Kelly) finished the dog pen, which will lodge Henry and Walter during the day, so they don't have free range over the house. Henry always went where he pleased, but now that we have Walter, we figured it was better for the house and the cats if they had their own room.

Henry hates it. Walter seems ambivalent. Last night we put them in the pen at bedtime, didn't hear a peep upstairs (of course, what could drown out SPARTICUS?). I put them in it when we got back from our hike this evening, along with some delicious bonesickles, and put a few drops of "calm fear" dog herbs that I got at New Seasons (for $10--what a sucker). They were alright for awhile, but then Henry commenced howling. He's stopped, hopefully back to his bone--- Nope, there he goes again. Well, hopefully he will stop before the new guests move in (Sally Ann, poor thing, is used to the disruptions of animal farm).

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