Saturday, August 25, 2007

God bless the Baptist church (praise Jesus!)

There is not one but two events going on across the street tonight--praise Jesus!

I am sitting on my sofa and I opened the front window for some cross ventilation--praise Jesus! Thank you for this home!

Across at the house/day care there is a gathering of people dressed in white and --hallelujia!--they are blessing the Lord for something--praise Jesus--and praying (solemn voices), and of course I look out like a white spy from somewhere, and they are standing in a circle.

Simultaneously--praise Jesus!!!!--the choir is up and halelujiahing at the churce (COGIC) on the corner. I love the choir. It makes me want to dance in the front yard--praise Jesus!!!!

I wonder if I make brownies if it's too late to bring them over. I tell you, there's nothing like living across from a church. I don't care whose house and whose god it is--they are generally great folk.

Praise the lord (whomever he or she may be, I have my own muddled thoughts, of course)

BREAKING NEWS: the circle of people dressed in white is going to the church! It's going to be a good night on Dekum Street, friends. I am going to open both windows and enjoy the music.

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