Monday, February 14, 2011


This morning I got pranked by our house guest from Idaho. They are clever, clever people, those Idahoans.

Linda had gone shopping at New Seasons and guiltily confessed that she had forgotten to bring the reuseable tote bags that we have hanging on the side of the fridge to encourage people to not bring home bags that fill up the recycling center to be mindful of the environment.

Even though I frequently forget to do this, I of course made fun of her. When she left to meet friends for dinner I hung one of the paper bags on her doorknob with a big PostIt note that said, "You killed me." Then I cheerfully went to bed.

Oh. And I didn't clean up the kitchen after Kelly Ray cooked barbecue. Don't judge me. There. I admitted it.

In the morning we found that Linda had turned the tables on us, putting the PostIt on our cutting board, which had the remains of some poor pig on it.

Linda: 1
Sarah Bott: 0

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We the Pershins said...

Yay Linda! You got her, keep up the good work lol!