Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Amazing Transformation of My Neighborhood

Another blighted building in my neighborhood is getting a make over.

Six months ago, nothing. Now we've got a fine Italian restaurant, a pizza joint, a yoga studio, a breakfast place.

Life is good!


Jennie said...

'bout time you finally got some new stuff up here!!

Buh said...

awesome news! i like that the graphic shows "ale house", we really need a decent bar in walking distance :)

where are the images from? where is that building going? is there a more complete article you can link to? thanks!

Sarah Bott said...

LOL, I've been busy!

Buh, I contacted the builder and he sent me some pdfs with those pictures. The building is going to have 3000 square feet commercial (and yeah, an ale house would be great--but that's just an artist's rendering, so who knows), and three 600 SF apartments above.)

Across the street, where the vacant lot is, Sakura Urban Concepts is doing something similar.

Our neighborhood is really getting cool!